The Brain of the Highly Sensitive Person

Esther Bergsma

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Why you shouldn't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, Ebook
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Why do highly sensitive people perceive and process information so differently, and react more intensely? Why do they often experience stress and social rejection? Ever since the American psychologist Elaine Aron introduced the term 'high sensitivity' in the late 1990s, much has been said about the subject. In this book, Esther Bergsma presents the latest scientific insights into the functioning of the 'highly sensitive brain', which has proven to function differently in many areas when compared to the non-highly sensitive brain. Based on these scientific insights, she developed a model that offers tools to professionals in healthcare, education and to therapists and coaches who want to learn more about high sensitivity. Her goal: that everyone - and especially the highly sensitive person - has a better understanding and appreciation for this quality. High sensitivity offers unprecedented talents that only become apparent when we no longer ask the fish to climb, but recognize its qualities as a swimmer. Drs. Esther Bergsma is an expert on High Sensitivity, researcher in the field of social science and the inspiring force behind Hoogsensitief.NL. She coaches and trains professionals in understanding and guiding HSPs better. A fascinating handbook about the functioning of the highly sensitive brain. - Prof. Dr. Judith Homberg, Professor of Translational Neuroscience I believe this book will change a lot of lives! - Julie Bjelland, LMFT, Founder of Sensitive Empowerment Using data, illustrations, diagrams, and real-life examples, Esther clearly explains how the highly sensitive brain differs and the talents that result from those differences. - April Snow, psychotherapist, HSP specialist, author Esther lays out all the research and then offers fresh insights on how the sensitive brain works. - Maria Hill, founder of Sensitive Evolution


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