Put it to Action

Esther Samboe

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The path of the righteous is as a shining light that shineth more and more, says Proverbs 4:18. A promise from God's Words I have only seen come to pass in my life as a few flickering light moments. Longer than a decade ago, I radically gave my life to Christ. The love I experienced was mind-blowing. Still, with the knowledge of the love of Christ, my life was a big mess. I was in burdensome financial debt, a people pleaser to the core, and severely wounded in my heart. So if you are experiencing the same, but maybe with other issues, this book can help you make the Bible applicable and see your life's path shine more and more. This book exists in three parts. The first part will help you get a clear view of who God is and how great He is because He is. The second part is focused on your thought life. The third part has everything to do with your actions. Through these three parts, you will be trained to put God's Word into action so that you can put it to action.


Esther Samboe  
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