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The Venice of the North, Ebook
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Giethoorn - The Venice of the North With 170 pages this book offers you a full overview of what to see and do in Giethoorn. But also the area around the 'Venice of the North' is unique. Therefore, this book covers the historic and natural highlights near Giethoorn as well! Numerous historic villages close to Giethoorn are discussed in detail. For example, towns like Zwartsluis, Dwarsgracht, Vollenhove and Blokzijl all have their own historic atmosphere, with old churches and houses, picturesque harbors and colorful gardens. The book also contains detailed descriptions how to explore the unique nature around Giethoorn, like the National Park Weerribben-Wieden, either by foot, car or boat. Buy this book for an unforgettable visit to Giethoorn. Why this Book? - Your ultimate guide to Giethoorn - The Netherlands - More than 250 photos by award winning photographers - Multiple boat, car and hiking routes - History of Giethoorn - Old Dutch crafts - Highlights in the surrounding areas - National Park Weerribben-Wieden - All addresses and web addresses - Language: English Giethoorn Giethoorn is one of the hidden pearls of The Netherlands. The 'Venice of the North' has become very popular over the last years. And for all the good reasons. With its beautiful reed-covered traditional farms, historic waterways and ancient bridges, this charming town offers a unique window to a forgotten era. A period when life was still connected to the land and nature: digging peat, harvesting reed, fishing and farming. Even today, some of Giethoorn's inhabitants carry on part of the tradition. Despite the digital age, old crafts are still practiced in this charming village. Around Giethoorn, small historic towns and nature areas, including Weerribben-Wieden National Park, add to the unique experience that a visit to this gem will offer. Whether you come from China, the USA, Europe or the Middle East, Giethoorn is a must-see for everybody! Unique Book Until now, there were no guidebooks that could help you discover Giethoorn. That has changed with the release of this comprehensive e-book, containing all important information of the area. This trusted guide is your most reliable companion to explore both Giet­hoorn, the historic villages and the beautiful nature around it. This beautiful book helps you to find and disco­ver the highlights, even if your time is limited. It can simply be down­loaded on your smartphone, iPad or other device. With this easily accessible source of information, it helps you to decide where to go. Will it be a walk through Giet­hoorn's town center, a boating trip through the canals, or an unforgettable visit to a restaurant on a summers evening? Make the most of your Giethoorn experience and buy this richly illustra­ted guidebook with many unique photos.


Daan Kloeg  
Hans Wolkers  
Illustrator / tekenaar / fotograaf
Daan Kloeg  
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