Outer Space – Future for Humankind

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Issues of Law and Policy, Ebook
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Inspired by the vision of the future of humankind in outer space, an international team of technical experts, lawyers and political scientists examined topical issues of law and policy under the leadership of the editors – not only with respect to international space flight and space exploration, but also in view of the safe and sustainable use of space technology for the benefit of our planet. After all, our original habitat should not be sacrificed on our way to Moon and Mars! In this regard, Outer Space – Future for Humankind examines fundamental questions like the problem of space debris, the safe use of nuclear power sources in outer space, the protection of the ozone layer during space launches, the issue of light pollution and the protection of the marine environment during the guided re-entry of space craft into the High Seas. In addition to these problems of technical nature, questions relating to the peaceful, equitable and responsible use of outer space are explored also with regard to issues as space traffic management which must be solved by scientists, lawyers and politicians on an international scale, and supported by an again increasingly interested general public.


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