Gen Z

René C.W. Boender

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Longing for change, Ebook
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The clock is ticking! Take action now... Nobody can hold back the future, but now is the time to view things in advance, and that is better than hindsight. Gen Z is longing for change and is taking its place in the workspace! They will take over and shape society, step by step. Only, what is their view of the world? How do they perceive the previous generations?Which choices will they make? How do you get in touch with them? And how will Generation Alpha turn out? This is already the 3rd book in which Jos Ahlers and René Boender write about this unstoppable network generation. Based on extensive research, they venture into a series of predictions on the behavior of this young, digital generation. A generation that is always online, everywhere. To whom socials are not a discovery, but a necessity. What will the consequences be in social matters? In the   eld of marketing? Or sports? Gen Z is a book that is in the center of life. This is a book for everyone who wants to get to know Gen Z better. And wants to understand how to inspire this generation by behaving in a morally responsible way. Let's head for a nicer world!


René C.W. Boender  
Josh Ahlers  
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