The freedom to live fully

wiener, jacqueline

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The power of natural leadership, Ebook
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Free, from within. How do you go about living fully? Here's something everyone can relate to: sometimes you feel fettered, by your life, your family, your marriage, your finances, your career or through patterns stemming from your upbringing. The freedom you experienced previously slips away through your fingers like sand. Does this resolve itself? Or do you slowly build a wall around yourself? This book will help you to feel truly free, without the need for a radical overhaul of your life. Jacqueline Wiener takes you on a journey of discovery into your inner world. The place where so much beauty lies hidden. By developing your natural leadership, you will discover your true nature and how to bring direction and colour to your life. With her light-hearted style of writing, Jacqueline Wiener is open and inquisitive about herself and about the people she coaches. This book puts both of your feet firmly on the ground and lets you fly. Fly like an eagle. 'Wiener's book turns the predictable 'winner' culture completely inside out. Being able to reflect mindfully instead of recklessly reaching for triumph, to seek connections instead of bunkering down self-centredly, and dare to innovate with an open mind instead of blindly pushing ahead. I would like to make this book mandatory reading material for some world leaders but let me begin by recommending it to ordinary people who are willing to take some responsibility.' Dirk De Wachter, Belgian psychiatrist, psychotherapist, professor and writer 'The freedom to live fully is a wonderful plea for natural leadership. It is also a warm and personal book. Highly recommended.' Dr Arthur Eaton, psychologist, and writer, including for weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer and daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad


wiener, jacqueline  
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