The Climate Action Guide

Joop Hazenberg

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Climate change no longer is a disputed theory but a harsh reality, with a catastrophic outcome for the world if we don't act now. Politicians and business leaders have the difficult task to halt global warming. Their role is pivotal - but so is ours. We, as consumers and citizens, can do much more in the fight against climate change than we often realise. Each of us can help to make the world a cleaner, greener and happier place. The good news is that we can start today, without giving up our way of life. In The Climate Action Guide, author and climate expert Joop Hazenberg shows you how to reduce your carbon footprint in ten clear, meaningful ways. He explains why taking a flight budget, avoiding cheese and ditching fast fashion are really helpful steps to save the climate. But there are other insights that may surprise you. Maybe you should not buy that much-wanted electric car, that it is OK to eat kiwis from New Zealand, or to use plastic bags instead of paper bags. Hazenberg also gives an outlook on the systemic change that is needed to save the world: from dirt-cheap renewable energy to vertical farming, hydrogen planes and lab-grown meat.


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