Dare for Tomorrow

Van Uffelen, Saskia

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Leading, Working, Learning and Living in a Digital World, Ebook
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How much longer do you want to put it off? How long can you manage your organization, your team or your life without making some fundamental change? Above all, how long can you avoid being overtaken by others because you stick to your method and your comfort zone?

Our society is changing and crying out for a new model. We are living in a digital age where everyone and everything is connected, where competition no longer comes from the sector, and customers, users and citizens are in the driver's seat. Data are gold and sharing is the new having. The digital age requires a new approach and a new model.

This book beckons you to dare - dare to help build a different business world, with a balance between short and long term results, but just as much to help build a different society through personal choices, a society that is ready for the next generation.



Van Uffelen, Saskia  
Business & Management  
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