Remi Van roode

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The Starkiller, Ebook
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The story is about one of the last fights against an alien invasion. “The Nautilas” The complete American continent has been taken over and Europe find itself, face to face with this invading army. As a desperate attempt the remaining Dutch army, sent a small group of unhinged soldiers. To make a last attack against the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. This is with twist and turns, losses and wins, love and sadness, friends and foes. Around every corner there are surprises, not capable to understand. As they found out, their attempts are just out of desperation, against a non-winnable fight. Fighting against powers suits, giants and massive armies. Bullet and laser beams will fly past the small group. They are a diverse group, consisting of Belgium, German and Dutch’s. Still, they have hope to fight for their countries. They have a small window to push back on their attackers, to fight an uphill battle. Even in these miserable times, love finds a way and new connection between people are formed. With some powerful friends are they able to stop the impending danger. Read to find out and enjoy their adventure throughout.


Remi Van roode  
Science fiction  
Brave New Books  
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