We never said goodbye

C. F. Marques

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The story spanning 18 years of Carolina's life revealed layer by layer by those who love her. Life presents several paths. Will the logical path be the correct answer? David and Caroline meet in high school and experience an overwhelming, typically teenage passion. They only have eyes for each other and make rosy plans for the future. They have no doubt about the intensity of their feelings for each other, which they guarantee will last forever. But in a brief moment, due to a car accident with catastrophic consequences, everything changes... Years later, Caroline belongs to a tight-knit group of six friends, responsible for the roaring success of one of the hottest nightclubs in the north of the country. She is a strong and independent woman, loyal to those closest to her, but extremely reluctant to give her heart unreservedly. Will she surrender to Hector, who falls in love with her at first sight and won't give up on her? So many words left unsaid, so many unwept tears. A life of unrealizable dreams. David loves the girl; Hector idolizes the woman. Life changes in a second. When did yours change? When does love end?


C. F. Marques  
Literatuur & romans  
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