Waterloo Warriors

Hampton, Constance J.

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WATERLOO WARRIORS, volume 8 in the Special Collages Edition of Wellington's Officers Series Bertha Dunstead had to hide after Pettigrew killed her mother Eveline Dunstead. Only Pettigrew's sister, a madam in a brothel, wants to take her in. It's a blessing and a curse that Madam Majorca does not find her suitable for her trade, but for very significant circumstances. That circumstance arrives on the brothel's doorstep as the dashing Captain Lord Jeffrey Burroughs, Baron Caversham a captain in Wellington's army. Bertha falls in love with Jeffrey, but when he wants to make her his mistress instead of a wife she flees brothel for a place in the household of Lady Amelia Aubrey who will travel to Brussels to join her husband there, the abusive and uncouth Lord Harmon Aubrey. Devon Broadhurst is hastily promoted to the rank of Colonel to become the young 22-year old Crown Prince of Orange's aide and liaison. Although he is stalked by the wealthy Lady Cornelia Grange he just cannot forget about the woman who bears almost the same name as Cornelia: Cordelia Williams, his one-time lover in Toulouse. Major Peter Wallace, who has just become Baron Irving Wallace and is a bastard son of the old Earl of Loghaire, falls in love (again) with the tragic Lady Amelia Aubrey during the days he is in Brussels. Before the great battle starts he will be up to his ears in intrigue. At 22 years the Crown Prince of the Netherlands is already a general in Wellington's army. Although he was brought up at the stringent court of his Prussian uncle Frederik Wilhelm and is schooled in the art of war, the Battle at Waterloo is a challenging experience for him, where he does not come out entirely unscathed, but laden with honors.


Hampton, Constance J.  
Illustrator / tekenaar / fotograaf
Special Collages Edition - Wellington's Officers  
Hermesse James Boekerij  
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