Kudryavitsky, Sanatoly

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The two novels included in this book are works of Russian magic realism. the volume is written with the focus on the now ever apparent debate surrounding ethics of human cloning, a search for ones home base and a balance between ones happiness and the ultimate truth. In the first novel, Shadowplay on a Sunless Day, Anatoly Kudryavitsky writes about life in modern-day Moscow and about an emigrants life in Germany. The novel deals with problems of self-identification, national identity and the crises of the generation of new Europeans. In the second novel, A Parade of Mirrors and Reflection, the writer turns his attention to human cloning, an issue very much at the centre of current scientific debate. He looks at the philosophical aspects of creating artificial personalities who lack emotions and experience of everyday human life through a story about secret cloning experiments being carried out in an underground laboratory on the outskirts of Moscow. Most of the clones find themselves in Grodno, Belarus, a city that, due to its geographical location, has always been an important crossroads in Eastern Europe. Each clone is a featureless person looking for their own identity; however, only one of them has a chance to succeed.


Kudryavitsky, Sanatoly  
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