Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

H.C. Theisens

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Mindset, Skill set & tool set, Theisens, H.C., Hardcover
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Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt The first book in the series 'Climbing the Mountain' was published in 2014. More than 35,000 copies have now been sold in this series and it has helped many in developing a continuous improvement organization and solving challenging problems. Now, we introduce the completely revised edition of the Green Belt book, according to the latest version of the CIMM framework and the LSSA skill set (v3.2). Green Belts work on improving processes (Lean) on the one hand and on more complex data-driven projects (Six Sigma) on the other. Green Belts administer specialized process knowledge and Lean Six Sigma techniques. Green Belts are able to realize significant improvements within a specific department or process, working independently or within a team. The first chapter of this book examines the history and principles of the most commonly applied improvement methods, including Kaizen, TPM, Lean, Six Sigma and Agile. The second and third chapters deal with the transformation process, in which the creation of a continuous improvement culture is the focus. This includes the organizational structure, change management and team development. We also discuss the crucial role of leaders and managers as inspirers and propagators of the continuous improvement culture. In the next five chapters the Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques are discussed, following the five levels of the ‘Continuous Improvement Maturity Model’ (CIMM): creating a solid foundation, a continuous improvement culture, stable and predictable processes, capable processes and future-proof processes. The CIMM framework describes which approach and tools best suit a particular maturity level of the organization. The ascent to the ‘Top of the Mountain’ can be tough, as the path is full of technical and organizational obstacles. To reach the top, you will have to discover those obstacles and remove them one by one. At the same time, it is also an interesting, educational and satisfying journey. Always keep in mind the purpose of the trip: the fantastic view.


H.C. Theisens  
Illustrator / tekenaar / fotograaf
R. Verreijt  
Climbing the mountain  
Mindset, Skill set & tool set
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