Box. Philippe Van Snick. Dynamic project I & II

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Dynamic Project II is published on the occasion of the retrospective Philippe Van Snick – Dynamic Project in S.M.A.K.. This publication complements the book Dynamic Project from 2010, an illustrated monograph that offers an overview of the work and life of the artist between 1970 and 2010. Dynamic Project II picks up where Dynamic Project left off: it starts in 2010 and continues until the death of the artist in 2019. The research and writing for this second book was done by Wouter de Vleeschouwer. The chronological overview is accompanied by essays written by Lewis Biggs, Carles Guerra, Philippe Van Cauteren, and the curators of the exhibition Marta Mestre and Luk Lambrecht.

Dynamic Project (2010) was the first monographic study on the artistic work of Philippe Van Snick. This book revealed Van Snick’s years of experimentation with different materials and techniques, such as drawings and works on paper, photography, film, sculptures, and works in situ. The connection between the artworks and everyday reality, life, and nature formed a common thread throughout his oeuvre. This first publication was prefaced by Lies Daenen, and the all-encompassing texts by Marie-Pascale Gildemyn were supported by in-depth essays by Liesbeth Decan, Hans M. de Wolf, Alexander Streitberger, Paul Tanghe, Hilde Van Gelder, and Lore Van Hees.

Both publications will be available together in a collector’s box. The second volume, Dynamic Project II, will also be sold separately. Graphic design of vol. 2: Inge Ketelers & Thomas Desmet.



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