Agile Coaching

Adrie Dolman

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How to help organizations discover ways to deliver the highest value in the shortest time and with the least risk, Dolman, Adrie, Hardcover
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Adrie Dolman's book is a true gift to the agile coaching community. Years of insights and experiences coaching individuals, teams, and organizations are curated into this amazing book. There are countless practical tips, tricks, learnings, models, and tools that will enhance any agile coach and accelerate their growth and skill development. Adrie's focus on Agile as a mindset and how to coach to that mindset is brilliant. This book is truly a great addition to any Agile coach's library. If you are an aspiring agile coach this is a must-read. Ahmed Sidky, Ph.D. President of the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) With the current dire shortage of real agile coaches, we need more than just superficial knowledge – we need experts. Many books merely describe agile theory, methods, and processes but for a successful agile coach, having a mental model of their own is crucial. Successful agile coaches see the organization as a system and assume the role of a system developer. They facilitate an organic process that breaks through old patterns, paving the way for the agile organization. All this is done according to the system approach, built up based on the mental model and the meaning assigned to it by the people who are part of the system. This book does not purport to change you and prescribe what you should or should not do. This book describes in detail the beliefs and steps with which you can become a successful agile coach, while staying true to yourself. I hope you enjoy reading this book! Adrie Dolman MSc Adrie Dolman is Master of Science in Management and Organization. He has a background as an entrepreneur in database marketing and was one of the first business agility coaches in the Netherlands. He is an agile coach, mentor, and trainer, mainly for management teams, product owners, scrum masters and agile coaches in larger organizations. His book Agile Marketing was published in 2016. It was nominated for the Marketing Literature Prize and for Marketing Book of the Year.


Adrie Dolman  
How to help organizations discover ways to deliver the highest value in the shortest time and with the least risk
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