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  • 1. Acis und Galatea HV 49 (Oper in 2 Akten) (Gesamtaufnahme) [Agnew,Paul; Arts Florissants; Christie,William; Cornwell,Joseph; Daneman,Sophie; Ewing,Alan; Petibon,Patricia; H„ndel,Georg Friedrich]
  • 2. Sinfonia (1. Akt),O the pleasure of the plains!,Ye verdant plains and woody mountains,Hush,ye pretty warbling quire!,Where shall I seek the charming fair?,Stay,shepherd,stay!,Shepherd,what art thou pursuing?,Lo,here my love,Love in her eyes sits playing,Oh,didst thou know the pains of absent love,As when the dove laments her love,Happy we! What joys I feel!,Happy we! What joys I feel!,Wretched lovers! Fate has passed this sad decree (2. Akt),I rage,I melt,I burn!,O ruddier than the cherry,Whither,fairest,art thou running,Cease to beauty to be suing,Would you gain the tender creature,His hideous love provokes my rage,Love sounds th'alarm,Consider,fond shepherd,how fleeting's the pleasure,Cease,oh cease,thou gentle youth,The flocks shall leave the mountains,Help,Galatea! Help,ye parent gods!,Mourn,all ye muses! Weep,all ye swains!,Must I my Acis still bemoan,inglorious crush'd beneath that ston! - Cease,Galatea,cease to griuve!,Tis done! Thus I exert my pow'r divine; be thou immortal bright!,Heart,the seat of soft delight,be thou now a fountain bright! & Galatea,dry thy tears,Acis now a god appears! - Theodora HWV 68 (Oratorium) (Gesamtaufnahme) [Arts Florissants; Christie,William; Croft,Richar; Daneman,Sophie; H„ndel,Georg Friedrich]
  • 3. (Grave) - Allegro (Ouvertre),Trio,Courante,Rezitativ: 'Tis Dioletian's natal day (1. Teil),Arie: Go,my faithful,Chor: And draw a blessing down on his imperial crown,Rezitativ: Vouchsafe,dread Sir,a gracious ear,Air: Racks,gibbets,sword and fire,Chor: For ever thus stands fixed the doom,Rezitativ: Most cruel edict!,Air: The rapture'd soul defies the sword,Rezitativ: I know thy virtues,Air: Descend,kind pity,heav'nly guest,Rezitativ: Tho' hard,my friends,Air: Fond,flatt'ring world,adieu!,Rezitativ: O bright example of all goodness!,Air: Bane of virtue,Chor: Come,mighty Father,Rezitativ: Fly,fly,my brethren,Air: As with rosy steps the morn,Chor: All pow'r in Heav'n above,Rezitativ: Mistaken wretches!,Air: Dread the fruits of Christian folly,Rezitativ: Deluded mortal!,Accompagnato: O worse than death indeed!,Air: Angels,ever bright and fair,Rezitativ: Unhappy,happy crew!,Air: Kind Heav'n,if virtue be thy care,Rezitativ: O love,how great thy pow'r!,Chor: Go,gen'rous,pious youth,Rezitativ: Ye men of Antioch (2. Teil),Chor: Queen of summer,queen of love,Air: Wide spread his name,Rezitativ: Return,Septimius,Chor: Venus,laughing from the skies,Sinfonie,Rezitativ: O thou bright sun!,Air: With darkness deep as in my woe,Sinfonie,Rezitativ: But why art thou disquieted,my soul?,Air: Oh,that I on wings could rise,Rezitativ: Long have I known,Air: Tho' the honours that Flora and Venus receive,Rezitativ: O save her then,Air: Deeds of kindness to display,Rezitativ: The clouds begin to veil the hemisphere,Air: Defend her,Heav'n,Rezitativ: Or lulled with grief,Air: Sweet rose and lily,flow'ry form,Rezitativ: O save me,Heav'n,Air: The pilgrim's home,the sick man's health,Accompagnato: Forbit it,Heav'n!,Rezitativ: Or say,what right have I,Duett: To thee,though glorious son of worth,Rezitativ: 'Tis night,but night's sweet blessing,Chor: He saw the lovely youth,Air: Lord,to thee,each night and day (3. Teil),Rezitativ: But see the good,the virtuous Didymus!,Air: When sunk in anguish and despair,Chor: Blest be the hand,Rezitativ: Undaunted in the Court,Accompagnato: O my Irene,Heav'n is kind,Duett: Whither,Princess,do you fly,Rezitativ: She's gone,disdaining liberty and life,Air: New scenes of joy come crowding on,Rezitativ: Is it a Christian virtue,then - Rezitativ: Be that my doom,Air: From Virtue springs each gen'rous deed,Air: Cease,ye slaves,you fruitless pray'r,Rezitativ: 'Tis kind,my friends,Chor: How strange their ends,Rezitativ: On me your frowns,Rezitativ: And must such beauty suffer!,Air: Streams of pleasure ever flowing - Duett: Thither let our hearts aspire,Rezitativ: Ere this their doom is past & Chor: O love divine,thou source of fame - Agrippina condotta a morire HWV 110 (Kantate) [H„ndel,Georg Friedrich]
  • 4. Rezitativ: Dunque sar… pur vero,Arie: Orrida,oscura,Rezitativ: Ma pria che d'empia morte,Arie: Renda cenere il tiranno,Rezitativ: S,s,del gran tiranno,Scena: Come,o Dio! bramo la morte,Arie: Se infelice al mondo vissi,Rezitativ: Trema l'ingrato figlio!,Arie: Su laverate il seno & Rezitativ: Ecco a morte gi… corro - Armida abbandonata HWV 105 (Kantate) [H„ndel,Georg Friedrich]
  • 5. Rezitativ: Dietro l'ome fugaci,Arie: Ah! Crudele,e pur ten vai,Rezitativ: Per te mi struggo,infido,Rezitativ: O voi,dell'incostante,Arie: Venti,fermate,Rezitativ: Ma che parlo,che dico? & Arie: In tanti affanni miei - Lucrezia,o numi eterni HWV 145 (Kantate) [H„ndel,Georg Friedrich]


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