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  • 1. Washington Post [US Army Band] [Sousa,John Philip]
  • 2. Starts and stripes forever [US Marine Band] [Sousa,John Philip]
  • 3. Armed forces medley [US Marine Band] [Crawford,Robert / Boskerck,Frances van]
  • 4. This land is your land [USAF Band] [Guthrie,Woody]
  • 5. God bless America [USAF Band] [Berlin,Irving]
  • 6. Yankee doodle [US Army Band] [Anonym]
  • 7. This is my country [USAF Heritage of America Band] [Jacobs,Al / Raye,Don]
  • 8. God bless the USA [USAF Band] [Greenwood,Lee]
  • 9. My country 'tis of thee [USAF Heritage of America Band] [Smith,Samuel Francis]
  • 10. Amazing grace [USAF Heritage of America Band] [Newton,John]
  • 11. Taps [US Marine Band] [Butterfield,Daniel]
  • 12. Battle hymn of the republic [US Army Band] [Ward Howe,Julia / Howe,William]
  • 13. America the beautiful [US Navy Band] [Ward,Samuel A. / Bates,Katherine]
  • 14. Star spangled banner (John Stafford Smith zugeschrieben) [US Coast Guard] [(keine Angaben)]
  • 15. You're a grand old flag [US Navy Band] [Cohan,George]
  • 16. National emblem [USAF Heritage of America Band] [Bagley,Edwin Eugene]
  • 17. Chimes of liberty [USAF Band] [Goldman,Edwin Franko]
  • 18. Colonel Bogey [US Navy Band] [Alford,Kenneth]
  • 19. Lights out [USAF Band] [McCoy,EE]
  • 20. Auld Lang Syne [US Coast Guard] [Burns,Robert]
  • 21. Reveille [US Navy Band] [Traditionell]
  • 22. Hail to the Chief [US Marine Band] [Sanderson,James]
  • 23. America (bearb. von Miguel Gomez) [USAF Heritage of American Blue Aces] [(keine ANgaben)]


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