Kennedy's, (Blu-Ray) CAST: KATIE HOLMES

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  • 1. A Father's Great Expectations
  • 2. Broken Promises and Deadly Barriers
  • 3. Failed Invasion, Failed Fidelity
  • 4. Moral Issues and Inner Turmoil
  • 5. On the Brink of War
  • 6. Shared Victories, Private Struggles
  • 7. The Aftermath: A Family's Curse of Misfortune and Heartbreak
  • 8. The Countdown to Tragedy
  • About the production
  • Character profiles
  • Creating Hyannis Port
  • Creating Ole Miss
  • Creating costumes & Make up
  • Creating the oval office
  • Documentary: Joseph P. Kennedy: Father of an American Dynasty
  • Documentary: The mysterious death of Joseph Kennedy Jr.
  • From story to film
  • Picture cars


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    Kennedy's, (Blu-Ray) CAST: KATIE HOLMES

    Kennedy's, (Blu-Ray) CAST: KATIE HOLMES