We respect the privacy of all website users and make sure that all personal information provided by our customers will be treated confidentially. We use this information to fulfill our order administration in the best possible way. In all other cases we will only use this data with the customer’s consent.


We are in compliance with the law of December 8th 1992 concerning  the management of personal data, amended by  the law of December 11th 1998, where the European directive of October 24th 1995 is taken into account.

This law defines that a person or company that collects data has to have authorization of the person whose personal information is involved, that the information is required to be relevant and correct and that the data should be collected for specific, distinct and legal purposes. The person involved must have access to the data and has the right to modify this information.


Modifications can be requested by letter addressed to Medio bvba, Leuvensesteenweg 286 te 3190 Boortmeerbeek Belgium or via the contact form on the website https://www.proxis.com/home/nl/contact-us. We are obligated by law to transmit the computerized management of personal data to the Privacy Commission.


We use the collected data to provide services to our customers:


  • When placing an order, we use the customers name, address and email address to fulfill the order and keep  the customer up to date about his order.
  • To make shopping on our website as comfortably as possible, we store the personal data of our customers with their permission relevantly to the customer’s order and the use of our services.

Thereby we can personalise the website to make personal recommendations.

  • We use the data to inform our customers about website developments and special propositions. Customers can always choose to unsubscribe. By clicking the unsubscribe link of a newsletter he can indicate he no longer wants to receive newsletters and mailings. We will process this information accurately and the unsubscribed customer will no longer receive mailings.




By creating an account we secure the customer’s information on a Secure Server. In the customer’s account we store information like name, address, telephone number, email address, delivery address so that the customer should not give this information every time he wants to order.


When the customers signs up for our newsletter online on the registration form by filling in his email address, he will receive a verification mail. This mail contains a verification link. By clicking through the email address is verified. In every newsletter we provide the opportunity to unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link.