Form/Color Anatomy

Bruens, Ger, Paperback
Meer van Ger Bruens
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Knowledge of the basic properties of form and color is of vital importance to designers and artists alike. Form and color not only interact with each other, but with our imagination too. This book will help you understand the basic properties of form and color. Besides, it will help you discover the meaning embedded in the design of our environment. Meaning is revealed in our emotive responses, can be explained in relation to our culture, and emerges on a personal and on a general level.

Furthermore, the book treats the importance of user rituals and the phenomenon of lifestyle. It investigates the use of metaphors and the roots of modernism. A look at design from a memetic point of view opens a new perspective on design thinking.

This book is unique in the sense that it encompasses more than twenty years of experience in form and color education at the world's largest university-based design school: the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology, with over 2500 registered industrial design students.


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    Form/Color Anatomy

    Form/Color Anatomy

    Bruens, Ger, Paperback