Properties of Concrete

A. M. Neville, Paperback
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Since its first publication in 1963, Properties of Concrete has been
internationally acclaimed as the definitive work of reference on the
subject for both the professional and the student engineer. The book
has been translated into 12 languages and has sold well over half a
million copies
The fifth edition has been updated to reflect advances in concrete technology
over the past decade,
yet it still retains the original aim of Professor Neville's book: to provide
reliable, comprehensive and
practical information on the properties and use of concrete, and the selection
of mix proportions all
based on scientific observations and the author's extensive engineering
experience. The emphasis
throughout is on understanding the behaviour of concrete and relating it to
physical and chemical
phenomena involved in the performance of the material in service. The overall
effect is to give an
integrated view of the properties of concrete so as to enable the reader to
achieve the best possible
construction in concrete. In addition, the scientific basis of the information
provided is invaluable in
planning research and in the interpretation of test results.
. new material includes such topics as self-compacting (self-consolidating)
concrete, recycled concrete
aggregate, thaumasite sulfate attack, compactability test, and delayed
ettringite formation
. standards, both American (ASTM) and British/European updated to 2010 are used
. both SI and American (Imperial) units are used throughout
. includes 1500 full references to the world's literature on concrete and its
. an extensive subject index containing over 6000 entries provides excellent
ease of reference
. a full name index makes it possible to establish the contribution of
individual researchers
Adam Neville is a renowned international authority on concrete and author or
co-author of nine other
books, the latest of which are Neville on Concrete and Concrete: Neville's
Insights and Issues, as well
as over 250 research and technical papers. He has very extensive international
experience as a consultant
and investigator of problems and failures in a variety of structures. In
addition to his academic and
professional qualifications, he has Honorary Doctorates from four universities.



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    Properties of Concrete

    Properties of Concrete

    A. M. Neville, Paperback