Dominique Stroobant

Vervoordt, Axel, Hardcover
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Dominique Stroobant (°1947, Antwerp) is a Belgian artist living and working in Carrara, Italy. A sculptor and graphic artist, he set up the Floating Stones Group with Kenneth Davis and Philippe Toussaint in 1972. He experimented with his first heliograph, a pinhole camera that photographs the movement of the sun, in 1977. Dominique Stroobant has had numerous solo exhibitions, in Belgium and abroad, and has also participated in group exhibitions and symposia about stone sculpture. Stroobant started his career carving stones and experimenting with lithophones. Together with painter Jef Verheyen he conceived marble works from the seventies, which he continues to this date. From the seventies onwards, Stroobant also became interested in the medium film and subsequently created cameras and recorders of various shapes and sizes.


  • Auteur / illustrator 
  • Uitvoering Hardcover
  • Uitgever MER. Paper Kunsthalle
  • Genre Kunst en Cultuur
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  • Uitgavedatum 27/01/2016
  • Pagina's 228
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    Dominique Stroobant

    Dominique Stroobant

    Vervoordt, Axel, Hardcover