People I've Never Met & Conversations I've Never Had

Nick, White, Hardcover
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A monograph of the enigmatic work of emerging artist Nick White Nobrow Press is delighted to present this 36 page hardback monograph of Nick White's most recent collection of works. It also represents our first in a brand new series called Monobrow. People I've Never Met and Conversations I've Never Had collects 32 original illustrations from Nick's latest body of work. Nick White's use of vintage magazines and found material to create surreal and humorous imagery evokes a nostalgia for the golden years of printed ephemera. Portraits of fictitious characters and graphical records of bizarre conversations that have never happened fill the full colour book. On each page Nick skillfully creates surreal and playful anecdotes in his unique style of layered painted patterns and carefully selected paper cutouts. His work, sometimes child-like in it's optimism and at other times very sophisticated in it's form of construction, is aesthetically engrossing and entertaining in equal measure. Nick White graduated from Kingston University with a BA in illustration and since then has signed up with the prestigious Heart Agency. He has worked with a variety of clients including The New York Times and Time Out London. He now lives and works in East London.


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    People I've Never Met & Conversations I've Never Had

    People I've Never Met & Conversations I've Never Had

    Nick, White, Hardcover