Over (T)here

Janssens, R., Delaney, K., Paperback
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In this volume European and American scholars reflect on mutual cultural interpenetrations over the past centuries: European culture in the U.S., American culture in Europe. The exchange of people, images, and ideas has been unceasing, and the resulting cultural transformations continue to reverberate in politics, literature, art, media, religion, commerce, and education. The field of American Studies and the related disciplines of literature and history also come in for fresh and thought-provoking scrutiny from both sides of the Atlantic. All of these concerns find a common home in the scholarship and teaching of Rob Kroes, the founding editor of this series, and his work has inspired the essays in this volume and made a permanent contribution to American Studies worldwide.

The contributors are: Kate Delaney and Ruud Janssens (also editors), Gert Buelens, Marc Chénetier, David Ellwood, Mick Gidley, Heinz Ickstadt, Jaap Kooijman, Paul Lauter, Berndt Ostendorf, Marja Roholl, Peter I. Rose, Robert W. Rydell, Werner Sollors, David P. Thelen, William Uricchio and Gerrit Visser.


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  • Uitgavedatum 06/10/2010
  • Pagina's 208 p.
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  • Volume 240, 166, 11
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    Over (T)here

    Over (T)here

    Janssens, R., Delaney, K., Paperback