The last lords wife

Pieterse, E.C., Paperback
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Lady Lilliane Gaeli has never been far away from her father's castle. Today it will change as she starts a journey that will lead her to the country's capital, away from her family and towards her future of finding a husband. Her past is shrouded by the darkness brought by her mother's murder, her future is uncertain and she is in the hands of a man hired by her father to accompany her. A man she slowly falls in love with.
But who is sabotaging their plans, and is this person really out to hurt them?


  • 100005088
  • Auteur / illustrator E.C. Pieterse
  • Uitvoering Paperback
  • Genre Fictie
  • Medeauteurs E.C. Pieterse
  • Druk 1
  • Uitgavedatum 28/12/2011
  • Pagina's 198 p.
  • Gewicht 280.0
  • Volume 205, 145, 17
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    The last lords wife

    The last lords wife

    Pieterse, E.C., Paperback